How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost? Here's What to Know

How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost? Here's What to Know

November 23, 2023

How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost? Here’s What to Know

[Replacing a toilet]( dramatically [improves the look]( and functionality of the bathroom. A new toilet saves money by saving water, and toilets that are too difficult or too costly to repair are candidates for replacement. Toilet installation cost starts at $240 and ranges up to $695. On average, toilet installation costs $470. Use this guide to find the [best toilet]( that fits comfortably with your budget. Toilet Cost by Type Most [toilets]( fall into either of two main categories: two-piece toilets or one-piece toilets. A third category, dual flush toilet, applies to either two- or one-piece toilets, as well. Two-Piece Toilet The average cost of a two-piece toilet is $390. Two-piece toilets start at $110 and range up to $670. With a separate back tank containing the water for flushing and a lower bowl that includes the [toilet seat](, the two-piece toilet is popular, inexpensive, and simple to install. Two-piece toilets come in a wide variety of styles, from classic and ornate to smooth and contemporary. Due to the back tank, two-piece toilets are higher than one-piece toilets. But separate components can be an advantage if either the tank or bowl becomes damaged: just one part needs to be removed and replaced. One-Piece Toilet On average, a one-piece toilet costs $805. One-piece toilets start at $230 and reach a high price of $1,385. Sleek and modern-looking, a one-piece toilet bowl and tank are integrated into a single unit. With few seams, one-piece toilets are easier to keep clean than two-piece models. The low tank blends well with the small confines of bathrooms, and they’re especially well-suited to tiny bathrooms or powder rooms. With no junction between the tank and bowl, one-piece toilets cannot leak water at this point. Since the unit cannot be broken up into two pieces, a one-piece unit is heavier and more difficult to handle than two-piece toilets. Other than the weight factor, one-piece toilets are just as easy to install as two-piece toilets. Dual-Flush Toilet The average cost to install a dual-flush toilet is $630, though some dual-flush toilets may cost as low as $350 to install. A [dual-flush toilet]( has two buttons or levers: one for liquid-only flushes and one for solid matter. The low-flush button releases 1.2 [gallons per flush]( (gpf), but sometimes as little as 0.8 gpf. The solids button releases 1.28 gpf or up to 1.6 gpf. Additional Types of Toilets Other types of toilets serve different needs, such as bidet toilets for additional hygiene, pressure-assisted toilets for below-grade bathrooms, and composting toilets for off-grid or green use. Bidet Toilet [Bidet toilets]( cost from $275 to $2,400 to install, with an average installation cost of $1,340. [Bidet toilets]( function the same as regular toilets but have one difference: a targeted stream of water to help you clean up. For comfort, the stream of water can be heated. A GFCI electrical outlet may need to be installed near the bidet toilet by an electrician. Chair-Height Toilet The cost to install a chair-height toilet is the same as the cost of installing a regular two- or one-piece toilet: in the $400 to $800 range. Chair-height toilets cost around the same as conventional-height toilets, plus the installation is the same. A conventional-height toilet has a seat that is 14 to 15 inches high. A chair-height toilet has a seat that is 15 to 19 inches in height. A chair-height toilet is often favored by older adults, people with mobility issues, or anyone who appreciates a slightly elevated perch. Pressure-Assisted Toilet The average installation cost for a pressure-assisted toilet is $910. The full range of costs to install a pressure-assisted toilet goes from a low of $385 to a high of $1,435. A pressure-assisted toilet uses the water pressure from the supply pipes to force waste down into the sewer line. While a pressure-assisted toilet is a staple of commercial bathrooms, it has its place in the home as well. They work well in basements and other below-grade spaces that need to move sewage up, rather than down. One downside of pressure-assisted toilets is the characteristic loud flushing sound. But this may be an acceptable tradeoff for toilets that experience frequent clogging and backups. Wall-Hung Toilet The average cost to install a wall-hung toilet is $1,375. Wall-hung toilets are mounted directly to the bathroom wall, saving room in [space-starved bathrooms]( They also give bathrooms a finished, contemporary look. Wall-hung toilets come with higher installation costs due to the wall attachment and the need to tuck away the plumbing in the wall. It can take a full day to install a wall-hung toilet, driving up labor costs. Composting or Waterless Toilet Installing a composting toilet starts at $790 and runs up to $2,035. The average installation cost for a composting toilet is $1,410. Composting or waterless toilets cook up a fertile mix with aerobic bacteria to turn solid waste into a compost-like material. Composting toilets are a favorite of those wishing to go off-grid—or for anyone who wants to live a greener life and save water. Smart Toilet The cost to install a smart toilet runs from $1,550 to $4,750. On average, a smart toilet costs $3,150 to install. Loaded with features like self-cleaning systems, touchless flushing, and remote controls, smart toilets represent the peak of toilet innovation. Some smart toilets coordinate with your other hubbed smart technology home components. [Toilet Cost by Brand]( |Toilet Brand||Average Cost||Low Cost||High Cost| |American Standard||$475||$175||$770| |Delta||$220||$135||$310| |Glacier Bay||$575||$100||$1,050| |Kohler||$560||$235||$885| |Toto||$1,225||$355||$2,095| Labor Cost to Install a Toilet The labor component to install a toilet ranges from $175 to $685, for an average of $430. These estimates include more difficult installations such as wall-hung, bidet, and pressure-assisted toilets. Plumbers charge an average of $115 per hour. Plumbers’ rates range from $75 to $150 per hour. Other Toilet Installation Cost Factors Replacing Flooring Replacing flooring during toilet installation ranges from $10 to $25 per square foot, at an average of $15 per square foot, not including the cost of the flooring. Remodeling projects frequently expose other problems, and one of these is flooring issues. Leaking toilets typically cause flooring to become soggy, moldy, or rotten. The floor covering and the subfloor may need to be replaced, both for the overall condition of the bathroom and so that the toilet has a solid base. Removal and Disposal of Old Toilet The average cost to remove and dispose of the old toilet is $140. The professional cost to remove and dispose of the toilet ranges from $75 to $200. When installing a new toilet, the old toilet first needs to be removed. The braided water supply needs to be turned off and disconnected. After flushing the toilet to remove water from the tank, the tank is removed. Finally, the toilet bowl is disconnected from the floor. You can remove your toilet by yourself, even if you’ve hired a professional to install the toilet. Doing so reduces the overall toilet installation cost. Relocating the Toilet Relocating a toilet from its original position starts at an overall project cost of $2,250 and goes up to $3,500. On average, it costs $2,875 to relocate a toilet. Relocating a toilet is a significantly expensive option that adds to the cost of toilet installation. A licensed plumber needs to install a new drain line and new water supply lines. Parts of the floor need to be removed. Concrete slab floors must be broken up. The old location must be safely capped. Toilet relocation triggers municipal permits and inspections. DIY vs. Professional Installation Do-it-yourself (DIY) toilet installation takes about one to two hours, even for people with basic DIY experience. If the toilet remains in the same location and the toilet is a basic type, installation should be uncomplicated. Installing a two-piece, one-piece, or dual-flush toilet is straightforward as long as there are no issues with the plumbing or the flooring. New toilets typically include all materials: tank, bowl, seat, hardware, wax ring, and any toilet-specific tools. They do not include the water supply line. Help from a qualified plumber may be needed when: – Relocating the toilet – Installing a specialty toilet, like a wall-hung, bidet, composting, or pressure-assisted toilet – Repairing or replacing plumbing, such as the closet flange Signs You Need a New Toilet A new toilet may be necessary if your current toilet has cracks or isn’t a low-flow model that meets the current federal standard of 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf). In other cases, you may want a new toilet in order to upgrade to a water-saving 1.28 gpf model or because constant repairs have become too expensive or aggravating. [Cracks in toilet]( or tank – Toilet is not a required low-flow 1.6 gpf model – Upgrade from 1.6 gpf to 1.28 gpf model – Clogs often – Wobbles on the floor [Leaks around the base]( – Won’t flush properly [Constantly runs](, despite repairs – Repairs cost more than a new toilet – Is it difficult to install a toilet? It is not difficult to install a toilet for a DIYer with moderate or even basic plumbing or general home improvement experience. – Can an average person install a toilet? An average person can usually install a toilet. Strength is required to lift the heavy, delicate components. But this can easily be done with help from another person. – How long should it take to install a toilet? It should take one to two hours to install a toilet, as long as the plumbing and flooring are in good shape. Complex toilet installations can take longer than two hours, even as long as a day for wall-hung or pressure-assisted toilets. [editorial process](/about-us-4776800#toc-editorial-guidelines)to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. [How Much Does Toilet Installation And Replacement Cost?]( Home. [How Much Does It Cost to Install a Toilet?]( Digest. [How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost?]( [How Much Does a New Toilet Cost?]( Old House. [How Much Does It Cost to Install a Toilet?]( Depot. [Toilets]( Home Depot. [Residential Toilets]( U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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