Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co. Unveils Two New Trending Services Included Below for 2024 in Dallas's Most Affluent Neighborhoods

Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co. Unveils Two New Trending Services Included Below for 2024 in Dallas's Most Affluent Neighborhoods

November 21, 2023

Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co. Unveils Two New Trending Services Included Below for 2024 in Dallas’s Most Affluent Neighborhoods

Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co., a leading provider of premium hardwood flooring services, is excited to announce the launch of two new groundbreaking services for 2024:
Wire Brush Finish and Bleach Finish.
The company’s innovative Wire Brush Finish, particularly stunning on Hickory and Oak floors, offers a unique texture that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. This stylish finish not only adds character to the floors but also provides a durable surface ideal for high-traffic areas. The wire brush removes some of the soft grain of the hardwood floors giving the floors depth in the grain and a unique texture.
The company’s elegant Bleach Finishing, often referred to as whitewash, is another trendsetting offering for 2024. This finish gives hardwood floors a light, airy feel, perfect for creating a modern, spacious ambiance in any home. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to brighten their space while maintaining the timeless elegance of hardwood.
Joe Robbins, a 25-year authority on hardwood flooring, expresses his excitement about these services by saying, “These two brand-
new services are becoming very popular this year, and we project them to be even more sought-after in 2024. They are not just services; they are a transformation for your homes.”
With the wire brush finish and bleach finish, Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co. continues its commitment to bringing innovative and high-quality flooring solutions to its customers. The company invites residents of Dallas’s premier neighborhoods to experience these latest trends in hardwood flooring and revitalize their homes with its expert touch. These services are now available to the company’s esteemed clients in Dallas’s top affluent neighborhoods namely Highland Park, University Park, Coppell, Southlake, Bellaire, and McKinney.
The Dallas-based hardwood flooring company specializes in all types of solid hardwood and wood floors. As an expert at working with residential clients, the company’s services include everything from waxing and buffing, machine cleaning and polishing, restoration, maintenance, repair, installation, and re-coating to its dust-free sanding and refinishing of hardwood or wood floors. Founded in 1995, the company has over 27 years of experience and has to date refinished over 1900 floors, completed over 360 custom floor builds, and over 4200 installations.
Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co. has received overwhelming approval from the customers it serves in Dallas and nearby areas. The company’s solid online reputation is evident in its near-perfect overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 on its Google Business Profile from almost 50 reviews. Customers thank Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co. for the high-quality wood flooring installations, the affordable array of options available, and the helpful and responsive customer service from the rest of the staff.
A recent review says, “I had four wood flooring companies give me estimates on my water-damaged oak flooring, and it was evident that Joe Robbins with Deep Reflections had far more experience and knowledge of the problem we had and how to fix them than any of the other contractors that looked at it. Having been a remodeling contractor for more than forty years in another city, I appreciated Joe’s professionalism and skill. He and his crew did a great job replacing the buckled wood, and then sanding, staining, and finishing the entire floor with stain and sealer. I highly recommend Deep Reflections.”
Another customer writes, “Joe did an excellent job with our floors. We had a dishwasher leak that required removing a section of hardwood in the kitchen. We also had Joe extend our hardwoods in the family room and hallways. Joe and his team laced in the new boards, sanded them, and refinished them to a stain color of our choice. The end result is a fantastic new look, and you can’t tell where the old floors meet the new ones. Also, the sanding process was phenomenal! Hardly any dust at all. Overall, we are extremely pleased. Thanks, Joe!”
Readers can find out more about Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring Co.’s new services by visiting its website or contacting the company at (214) 553-1577 for a quick consultation.
Deep Reflections Hardwood Flooring in Dallas, TX, offers services in Refinishing, Damage/Water Damage Repair, New Installation, and unique Wire Brush and Bleach Finishes, serving Dallas and surrounding areas.
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